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The cost of your future is the present

By February 19, 2018 No Comments

‘Will it ever change?’ ‘Will I ever get the chance to do what i’ve dreamt of doing?’ We all have desires we carry that reach far into the future, but we lose hope when we fail to connect it to what is happening now.

Whilst our present circumstances may not look anything like the future we desire, we must realise that the cost of our future is the present. Being faithful to the small and ordinary things in life is not merely treading water until the extraordinary arrives, it is the key to opening extraordinary doors.

Great opportunities find you doing the small things extremely well

Greatness is determined in the margins. You can go and eat in any restaurant and have a meal, but what makes you return is down to the work in the margins. The extra attention to detail, the extra care taken, the extra conversation the waiter or waitress has with you that shows an interest in you as a person and not merely a customer. The extra attention to your comfort during the experience makes you feel appreciated and we are all attracted to the places that accept and appreciate us. When we are faithful to working hard in the margins we are fruitful in other areas of our lives. Why? Because I am the same person wherever I go and when I build strength in one area of my life it effects all areas of my life.

Greatness starts in obscurity

Have you ever changed behaviour when you know someone is watching you? When someone you want to impress is taking notice its amazing how it changes our approach. Great opportunities are not created by the right people noticing me, they are formed when no one is watching. When we remain faithful to a process of developing the right habits and right attitudes we build a platform which leads to opportunities beyond our imagination.

It’s the small decisions that pave the way to greater opportunities 

If i were to ask you what the big decisions in life were, you might say the person I choose to marry, the place I decide to live, the house I buy or the career I choose. Those are important decisions in our lives. However the options we have for those decisions are driven by the small seemingly insignificant decisions we make everyday. Its the decisions that we can easily not make  that have no immediate impact that actually shape and impact the future options we will have available to us.

For example if I do not work on my body language and how I come across to others, then I build a reputation that determines who wants to connect to me. If I grow unaware of how I come across to other people I will limit the kind of people who are attracted to me. This impacts the bigger decisions in life such as who I eventually marry, those who will do business with me, the people who will have conversations that lead to great ideas and partnerships.

Coaching question: What am I doing unknowingly that is robbing me of future results?

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