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Don’t get caught up in the paralysis of analysis!

By February 5, 2018 No Comments

Your life today is the sum total of the decisions you have made.

What is a decision? It is a thought that we have agreed on which leads to an action. Like me you have had more thoughts than actions so what has directed your life up to this point are those thoughts that were in agreement with. Whether those decisions have been good, bad or indifferent your future lies ahead of you and like me you want to make the best decisions you can.

How do I make better decisions?

Before making a decision we will ponder potential outcomes. Will this financial investment bring the best return? Will spending time with this person be a good investment of my time? Is this the right job for me to take for career progression? Thinking through consequences is important and should form part of the decision making process. However I have noticed that I can overthink decisions and enter into an unhelpful state of indecision.

Do you constantly re-assess decisions you’ve made to the point where you overthink and overanalyse for fear that you might be missing out on something better?

My mind is an ideas factory and is constantly generating new angles on new and old ideas. However I am reminded that the most important result in life is the person I am becoming rather than the results I attain.

Results to matter, but my first priority should be my willingness to stay faithful to an idea, to be unwavering and steadfast in my belief that the path I am on will result in a better me. To believe that the most important result lies in the process rather than the profit of a result.

Be faithful to the decision achieves three things. 

Firstly it builds character.

My character is how I show up in life. When I stay devoted to a plan, a course of action, a decision I become more decisive and when walking through challenges that come in life I become a person others want to follow. Why? Because I have demonstrated a strength of conviction, my unwavering commitment has built resilience and people are attracted to people who are devoted. Personal assurance in a decision gives security to others who are less sure of themselves.

Secondly it builds capacity.

When I commit to a decision repeatedly I am achieving more than the result of that decision, I am developing an ability to handle my emotions and thoughts. Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t feel like doing things we know we should, we have distracting thoughts and flirt with thoughts that lead us away from a course of action we have committed to. However, when I choose to stick with my decision, resisting feelings and thoughts that try and pull me off course I build a capacity for greater things in my future.

Thirdly is builds competency. 

Malcolm Gladwell popularised the 10,000 hour rule that states when you stick to a course of action consistently and unwaveringly over a long period of time you master that skill. Faithfulness to a decision is not passive it is active, it is going to work on a decision until it bears fruit.

So don’t get to caught up in the paralysis of analysis. Decide on the decisions you are going to remain faithful to and allow your constant dedication develop you as a person which is far more important than a temporary result.

Coaching question: What decision remains unresolved and is causing paralysis in your thinking? Based on what I have written what do you feel a conviction to do next? 

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